About Us


Brittany Scott, Founder Kapchair®

How Did Kapchair Start?

I became natural in 2017 when my mom asked me if I would go natural with her. I was reluctant at first because I knew it would be difficult since I have been relaxed for over 18 years. I took up to the challenge nonetheless. I eventually did the Big Chop and fully committed to the process. After watching countless of YouTube videos about natural hair and different styling routines, I started to get into my routine. One of my favorite routines was the Apple Cider Vinegar rinses because it made my hair super soft BUT the process of using the plastic bag to cover my hair was absolutely messy, not attractive and not to mention painful when the drips of ACV/water would slip through and get into my eyes. Shower caps were no better because I would have to use multiple shower caps to be able to fit my thick coarse hair along with the same issues with the plastic bag lol. The frustration of constantly having to wipe my face or neck was the last straw. I started thinking There Has To Be A Better Way!!   

So I went to my job and complained to a coworker who is also natural and she was having the same issue. We started searching on Google to see if there were options that would suffice in helping our issue. Our search came up empty. I went to the store bought some fabric, borrowed a sewing machine, watched YouTube videos on how to sew and started to create something. I will say my first prototype was not the greatest but it was a start! So I kept working on it and finally came up with a cap that may actually work. 

I did a test run and YES this could be it. It actually worked but my other job had an opening in California! I moved from Georgia to California for my other job with this project still in the back of mind. It was a blessing in disguise because Los Angeles is the mecca for what I needed to continue this idea. I was on the hunt for a manufacturer that could turn my prototype into an actual product. I found one that turned my prototype into what Kapchair is today. I was so amazed because what I thought was a solution for my ACV rinse problem turned out to do sooo much more. ACV, Deep Conditioning, Hot Oil Treatments, Greenhouse/Baggy Method, Hair dying, to name a few of things the cap can do. I then added on the sleeve after thinking again there can be an easier way instead of boiling water!   

Kapchair is versatile and can be worn with confidence. Let Kapchair help you upgrade to a better way of doing your daily, nightly, or weekly routines! 

Kapchair products are currently Patent-Pending!   

With Love,