How To Use PUL-Lined Caps

Whether you are using the cap for hair rinse treatments (i.e. ACV rinse, Onion rinse, Rice Water rinse, etc.) or deep conditioning treatments, the cap is versatile that can be used in countless ways. You can sleep in it, run errands, work-out or just wear the cap while doing your hair care routine.  


1. Wear the cap in headband style to have easy access to your hair. Adjust tightness as needed. 

2. If needed, attach the towel to the bottom of cap for extra coverage from drippage.

3. After doing your specific hair care treatment, pull the cap over your hair.

4. Pull the top drawstrings (the front and back) and tie into a knot to close the cap for endothermic heat ventilation. 

5. Once complete, just wipe the inside of the cap with a towel or paper towels and toss it in the washer.